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About Us

 CareGood Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to connect youth with senior citizens. CareGood is currently focusing on providing homeless senior citizens with support during the COVID crisis while simultaneously giving them a voice. We believe every person has a story to tell,  especially our seniors who have such valuable lessons to teach the next generation. As part of our work, we interview homeless seniors to honor their stories and better understand their needs.  


 We support homeless seniors by providing them with necessities such as food, medicines, and the PPE needed to help protect them from COVID-19.  Currently, we are able to provide these items through the support of private donations. We presently help support two smaller old age homes that take in homeless senior citizens that are running low on materials or groceries. While properly distanced and protected, we also visit the seniors who can become depressed due to isolation intensified by the pandemic.   


 SolarGood is an initiative that supports children whose families do not have continuous electricity by providing them with solar power workshops and the materials to build solar power lamps that will make it possible for them to study at night.  We conduct workshops to guide them through setting up their solar devices and teaching them about the importance of sustainable energy. We believe that it’s also very important to spread awareness about this topic as traditional electrical power plants contribute to pollution and climate change.  

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