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Career Guidance and Aspiration

CareGood Foundation has collaborated with Aspiro teens to create and conduct courses on career guidance and aspiration. We have started conducting workshops for rural children on the same. Check out the course below!

The need of defining your aspirations :

  • There is a very thin differentiation between defining your aspiration and finding your ambition. Aspiration is the true desire to achieve a goal and ambition is more of the incarnation which allows you to pursue your aspiration. In a wider perspective when an analogy is adapted to define the thin line between both the cases, Defining your aspiration is like deciding your desired fruit in a tree of various fruits, You find that you need a certain fruit through a “process” of asking yourself, why you need the fruit and how will the fruit benefit you. While you manifest to get the fruit, you have to start thinking about how you get the fruit in your hands from a tall tree. This hypothetical process of “aiming” for the fruit is called finding your ambition.

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  • In this vast world, everyone is striving in their own ways by pursuing a job of any sort with the primary necessity to fulfill their essential needs and it is undeniable that they ultimately contribute to the functioning of society either directly or indirectly.

The alarming unequal distribution of occupations in society :

  • In this vast world, there are many opportunities in the nook and corner which demand a passionate professional to constitute this ecosystem of the society. But, the lack of awareness is an alarming thought which leads to occupational inequality in society.

  • An imbalance in the ecosystem is inevitably a great concern, especially in the distribution occupation. The magnitude of this deed elevates from the grassroots level where there is either lack of labor in a particular field or unemployment due to excess availability of labor to the levels of creating a concoction of laborers who are inefficient as there is a lack of passion and prerequisite education.

This post helps you to decipher through a case study!

The awareness about new-age careers

  • To bring about a balance and a spirit of work among the upcoming generations of society, an educational approach is seen as the efficient technique to chase in the time of occupational recess.

  • With increasing research, inquiry, and discovery on this huge planet, there is a birth of new opportunities throughout the globe. With this vastness in new domains getting wider and wider as the days pass, spreading awareness about new-age careers is a way to bridge the gap with passionate professionals on the action. The need to bring this awareness among teenagers is the indication that new-age careers are mostly encouraged to be pursued with appropriate educational qualifications to make bring about implications in the quality of professionals.

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Defining your aspirations along the way

  • Defining your aspirations need not have to be looked at as a huge task, it is relatively made to function like a self-analyzing endeavor. Your mundane work and activities demand you at some point to choose between different domains. “Domains that are being defined here can be anything, from your high school classes to extracurriculars”. Except for the fact that there are always other reasons behind your choice such as peer pressure or other circumstances, it is essential that one has to prioritize oneself and make wise choices. Throughout your journey, do not forget to experiment and have fun! it can always be an exceptional force that helps you to chase your dreams.

  • Here is a teen community that can help you to aspire without forgetting fun!

The Journey - self analyses

  • Well, speaking of the journey, “teenage” is seen to be the optimum time to start making choices and choosing activities that help you to define your aspiration. Doing internships, research, taking classes, creating a community are these activities are labeled as “resume material” but it is evident that these sorts of activities help a person to take an initiative and ignite a fire, which eventually aids in answering the burning question of choosing your career path.

The Need to research your career choices

  • With the journey being ignited to discover, innovate and invent your aspiration being set right, it is essential that the other prospects surrounding a particular domain are being taken care of. This can be a list of very fluctuating things that one has to be mindful of. It is the hard truth that a person cannot have the pleasure of experiencing all of the available choices but it is always a wise idea to learn and derive and learn from people who have experienced it before.

  • These factors are effectively dealt with when a network is being created, With increasing remote activity, networking has become relatively easier. Having taken the initiative, it is kind of eventually important that you are constantly having a fact check with all the ideologies that are surrounding you. Making sure that different perspectives are being collected is always the safest way to proceed with!

  • The Aspiro teens work with the main motive of providing insights into the daily lives of various professionals and thus, you can also take the extra mile to research your prospective fields and interact with real-time professionals in the respective field to know their views too.

  • This initiative may help you to get inspired

Why is career regret, a problem?

  • Just like a coin that has 2 opposite sides, every field has its own set of pros and cons but as the legend preaches, it is about the composition of good compared to the bad which changes for every individual. Hence, you are most unlikely to have the same experience as someone else in a particular occupation.

  • Career regret is one of the most significant concerns in the sphere of society which develops as a personal discrepancy and slowly percolates into an impact in society. When one’s job and occupation can impact the development of society, one’s regret which results in a lack of quality in work can also impact the composition of the ecosystem.

  • As a renowned proverb states, prevention is better than cure, and thus the importance of having responsibility for the occupational choice is far more important is constituent a healthy ecosystem full of contributors who find relish in the work they do.

Learn why career regrets is one of the alarming concern through this post!

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