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COVID Care delivers medicines and PPE to undepriveleged senior citizens across Hyderabad. Medicine deliveries also include speaking to senior citizens and setting up events like talent shows for them. 

Check out the work that CareGood Foundation has been doing to help underpriveleged communities across India! CareGood Foundation is commited to helping others. Our projects aren't only for the sake of making an impact but we also ensure that we find joy in the process!


Solar Good

Solar Good conducts workshops on solar power  for children across India who don't have dependable power. Solar Good teaches these children about solar power and provides them with solar power lamps to use to study at night. 

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Senior Storytelling 

We believe that senior citizens have the best lessons to pass down to younger generations. We raise awareness on some of the most inspiring stories of underpriveleged senior citizens and share their wisdom and lessons with a community of teens! 


Upcoming Food Drives

COVID has disrupted the food supply for many underpriveleged communities across India. We are about to start conducting food drives in villages across Telangana for the hungry. 


Coming Soon!

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