Privacy Policy for CareGood Foundation

1. Donor's Privacy Policy

CareGood Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding the privacyof our donors and treating all financial information with the utmostconfidentiality. We do not share email addresses or phone numbers of our donorsor constituents.

1.1. Personal Information

1.1.1. We may request personal information online, such asname, address, phone number, email address, and card number, solely for thepurpose of accepting donations to CareGood Foundation.

1.1.2. We will not release or use this information for anyother purpose without your explicit consent.

1.1.3. We do not engage in the trade or sale of yourpersonal information to other organizations.

1.2. Privacy Options.

1.2.1. Donors have the option to be recognized anonymously.

1.2.2. Donors may request, at any time, not to receive oursolicitations.

1.2.3. Donors may request not to receive certain mailings,such as our newsletter.

1.3. Data Security1.3.1. Personal data collected for donations is encrypted.

1.3.2. Personal information stored in CareGood Foundation'sdatabase is protected with secured logins, authentication, unique IDs, regularpasscode changes, and deactivation of user IDs as needed.

1.4. Hosting Data Security.

1.4.1. Our hosting data server meets PCI DSS (Payment CardIndustry Data Security Standard) requirements.

1.4.2. We employ encrypted communication.

1.4.3. Our infrastructure includes intrusion detection,state-of-the-art firewalls, virus protection, network load balancing, patchmanagement, security and vulnerability monitoring, and protection against SQLserver attacks.

1.5. Donation Refund Policy in the event of an erroneousdeduction

CareGood Foundation follows a reliable refund policy toensure our donors' satisfaction. In the event of an erroneous deduction, donorcan request to cancel or deduct a donation and we will respond within 7 workingdays. The donor must state proper reasons in this case. The refund processdepends on the type of card used during the transaction.

1.5.1. If a receipt has been issued, the donor must returnthe original receipt to our official address.

1.5.2. Tax exemption certificates issued cannot be refunded.

1.6. What Information We Collect

We collect personal information from donors for processingpayments, communicating about CareGood Foundation's activities, fundraising,and other operational purposes. Information may include name, amount donated,address, telephone number, donor comments, email address, and other personalinformation provided by donors. Donor Data from check donations includes datavisible on the check.

1.6.1. Information from Payment Processors: Paymentprocessors collect information to facilitate electronic donations and otherpayment methods. Please refer to their privacy policies for details.

1.7. How We Use Donor Data

Donor Data is used for various purposes:

1.7.1. Distributing receipts and thanking donors fordonations.

1.7.2. Informing donors about upcoming fundraising andMahesh Foundation's activities.

1.7.3. Internal analysis, research, and analytics.

1.7.4. Record keeping and reporting to government agenciesas required by law.

1.7.5. Surveys, metrics, and analytical purposes.

1.7.6. Other purposes related to fundraising operations.

1.7.7. Anonymous donor information may be used forpromotional and fundraising activities. Comments provided by donors may bepublicly published and used in promotional materials.

1.7.8. We may supplement Donor Data to improve ourfundraising efforts.

1.8. Security

CareGood Foundation is committed to protecting donorpersonal information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, ordestruction. We employ security practices, including measures to secure webaccess to sensitive data and address security vulnerabilities.

1.9. Other Disclosures

We may disclose information as required by law or to protectrights, privacy, safety, property, donors, or users. We may also enforce ourterms of service.

1.10. Rights

Donors have certain rights with respect to theirinformation. Upon request, we will provide information we hold about donors,correct any inaccuracies, and make reasonable efforts to delete data uponrequest unless required by law to retain it.

1.11. Data Retention

We retain donor-related information only as needed tofulfill the purposes described in this policy, unless longer retention isrequired by law.

2. Terms & Conditions

2.1. Website Use

Use of the CareGood Foundation website is subject to thefollowing Terms and Conditions:

2.1.1. By accessing or using the website, you accept theseTerms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

2.1.2. CareGood Foundation reserves the right to changethese Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by posting changes online. Yourcontinued use after changes constitutes acceptance.

2.1.3. Use the website only for lawful purposes and avoidinfringing rights or inhibiting third-party use.

2.2. Website Content

2.2.1. The website and related content are provided "asis" without representation, endorsement, or warranty, unless required bylaw.

2.2.2. CareGood Foundation excludes liability for indirect,special, or consequential damages arising from website use.

2.2.3. Nothing limits or excludes liability for death,personal injury from negligence, fraud, or liability prohibited by applicablelaw.

2.3. Intellectual Property

2.3.1. All intellectual property on the website remains theproperty of CareGood Foundation or third-party licensors.

2.3.2. Commercial use or publication of website contentwithout authorization is prohibited.

2.4. Materials Use

2.4.1. Materials may be copied for personal use only withall copyright notices, source indications, and without modification.

2.4.2. Materials with third-party copyright must be usedwith permission from the copyright owners.

2.5. External Links

2.5.1. CareGood Foundation is not responsible for externalwebsite content. Following external links is at your own risk.

2.6. User-Provided Content

2.6.1. User-provided content is non-confidential and may beremoved from the website at CareGood Foundation's discretion.

2.7. Conflicts with Terms

2.7.1. In case of conflict between these Terms andConditions and specific terms of use, the latter prevails.

2.8. Governing Law

2.8.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Indianlaw, with disputes subject to Indian Courts' non-exclusive jurisdiction.

2.9. Acceptance

2.9.1. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions,cease website use immediately.